Creating positive habits for your child through the martial arts

Wednesday, September 18, 2019 4:51 PM

The daily grind, repetition and patience needed as a parent in developing good habits in our children can be sometimes exhausting.This is where martial arts can help. At any point in our life we need different types of coaches or mentors to help us along the way. Your kids are no different.

At Mixed Martial Arts & Fitness Academy we have a fully developed martial arts program that will create the self discipline that your child requires to develop good habits.MMAFA  students are trained in an environment that promotes focus, accountability and self-discipline.

Every seconds in our  classes are accounted for. There is no downtime for wandering minds. Training is key!Motivational Speaker, Brian Tracey teaches 7 Steps on how to develop a habit. Using his 7 Steps, how can we as coaches and parents use the martial arts to develop positive habits in our children.

  1. Make a Decision

- As a family, you have decided the enrol your child into martial arts. At Mixed Martial Arts & Fitness Academy we have classes everyday. Flexible class times / days and weekend sessions are available. There are also teaching aids, workshops and seminars to help the parents with their child’s training. We even have classes for the parents at the same time as their kids! “The Family that trains together, stays together!”

  1. Never Allow An Exception To Your New Habit 

 - Don’t make excuses! Don’t let your child off the hook, discipline yourself and your child to show up twice a week and you will see results over time.

  1. Tell others you are practicing a new behaviour

  • Have your child brings friends, family members to class. Kids want to showcase their talents. Build their confidence by having them train in front of their peers. We even encourage them to bring their friends to train with them for a FREE WEEK! Any positive reinforcement will go a long way!

  1. Visualize a new habit

  • This is an easy one. Every kid at one point or another have daydreamed getting their Blackbelt. Making this their main goal is a must. Along the way, the MMAFA Instructors will be promoting them thought their ranks to keep them motivated. The children also understand that we do not give rank promotions freely, they will earn each rank promotion. Visualizing their black belt will create a driving force in achieving their goals.

  1. Create an affirmation

  • Visualization is one step, at Mixed Martial Arts and Fitness Academy we have a saying “A Black Belt is a White Belt that never gave up!” Keep reinforcing this with your child, teach team that nothing worthwhile in life comes easy. Hard work and time is a must!

  1. Resolve to Persist

  • There will be days that your child will not want to train, be persistent! Remind them of their goals and what they have already achieved. We have many different tools we provide to the parents to keep everyone motivated on reaching black belt.

  1. Reward yourself

  • At Mixed Martial Arts & Fitness Academy, we have a well structured class curriculum that has been developed for over 20 years. Every obstacles, challenges, tests that your child will have, the MMAFA program will have a justified reward system to keep them motivated in their martial arts journey. After awhile , your child will be asking you when are we going to MMAFA! 

Then you will know a Martial Arts Habit has been created! And a future Black Belt in the making!

If you are interested in enrolling for a FREE WEEK of martial arts, click here today! 

And Let’s create a new habit together!

See you on the mat!

Coach Steph